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Since its development in the early 1900's, the forklift has since become a critical piece of equipment in manufacturing, warehousing, and port operations.
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We provide material handling services for you in Central MD and Northern Virginia, as well as provide port services in Baltimore.

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Port Services

Hughes Industrial Services also provides services to our Port Customers. We service the two ports in Maryland: Dundalk Marine Terminal and Amports. We provide services for shipping lines and also individual customers. Our customers often use us to ensure their product loads on the intended vessel.

Our Port work includes everything from dismantling your equipment for loading on outbound vessels to general repairs on your equipment. We are available 24-hours, critical when your operations cannot afford to be shutdown due to malfunctioning hardware.

Other duties at these ports include repairing Over-the-Road Trucks, Heavy Equipment, and Automobiles .

We have worked the Baltimore ports for years and know our way around. Give us a call, anytime, and we'll find you and quickly get your equipment back to work! From simple tire and trailer repair to hydraulic, clutch, and starter replacements, we have spares and experienced technicians. We will get your equipment working for you as quickly as possible.